Room Acoustics - The Most Popular Topics

Room Acoustics - The Most Popular Topics

There are many aspects that can positively or negatively affect an environment… and the way sound travels through a space is an important one. 

The acoustics of a room is a more complex topic than many might realise. There’s a particular science behind determining a room’s acoustics and how they can be improved, and to determine this, a few factors need to be considered.

In this article, we’ll delve into the most popular topics related to acoustics so you know what they’re all about…


Acoustic absorption describes the process of removing sound from an environment.

When a sound wave comes into contact with a surface, what will happen to it is dependent on the material of that surface. If the material is absorbent, the sound will be partially removed from the space. 

Generally, the absorbent materials are:

  • Soft
  • Pliable 
  • Porous

A material that has a greater extent of these characteristics will absorb more sound and reflect less.

By installing  acoustic products in your space that absorb sound, it will reduce the amount of echo and improve the ambience of the area.


Diffusion is another way sound reacts to coming into contact with a surface. However, instead of disappearing into the material, sound can be ‘scattered’ in different directions.

Materials that tend to diffuse sound have irregular surfaces. They evenly disperse the sound waves in different directions.

Installing  products that diffuse sound will improve sound clarity and help to make speech more intelligible.



Soundproofing uses the absorbent or diffusive qualities of a material to ensure external sound does not enter a room or that any noise produced in the room does not leave. This results in significant sound reduction.

When soundproofing a room, it is crucial to identify the areas where sound is coming in or escaping. This could be thin or uninsulated walls, gaps in doors or windows, or even the roof and floor.

Need To Improve Your Acoustics?

If you are unsure of the acoustic problems in your space, a professional Acoustic Appraisal is the way to go.

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