RT And Why We Use It As A Measure For Acoustic Specification

RT And Why We Use It As A Measure For Acoustic Specification

Our Managing Director, Damon Hiley, had the opportunity to sit down with acoustics guru Jonathan Mountfort, Creative Director at Autex, to have a chat about RT.

Reverberation Time, or RT, is the measure of how long it takes for sound to cease once the source stops producing sound. In the video, Damon and Jonathan discuss how to use this measure to specify materials. 

If you are using your space for conversations, lectures, to learn or transfer information, you are going to require speech intelligibility and therefore a low RT. However, if you are using your space for something like live music, having a higher RT is going to enhance the effect of the music.

Getting your RT to the level that you want requires an acoustic product with a specific NRC, or noise reduction coefficient. NRC defines how much sound will be absorbed or reflected for a specific material.

Getting the right product and volume of material requires a specific science. An acoustic appraisal can achieve this and gives you the surety around your spend.

Need An Acoustic Appraisal?

Having an acoustic appraisal of your space is vital to getting the correct product for your needs. We measure the RT of your space, take the time to understand your needs and select a product with the right NRC to get your acoustics exactly to your liking.

Finding a balance between aesthetics, budget and functionality is critical and our Acoustic Appraisals assist us with providing the best solutions for your acoustic needs

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