The Importance of Classroom Acoustics

The Importance of Classroom Acoustics

Good acoustics are important in any space, but classroom acoustics are especially crucial to get right.

Studies show that speech intelligibility is essential for effective learning processes and this is directly impacted by the acoustics of the space. However, the acoustics of the classroom is often a neglected aspect, which will disadvantage those trying to learn.

Classroom acoustics are incredibly important, but what are the effects when they aren’t looked into?

Bad Acoustics Is Detrimental To Learning

Bad acoustics is caused by either too much background noise that isn’t being absorbed, too much reverberation within the room or a combination of both.

When this occurs in a classroom, it affects how much each person can hear and be heard. Considering a majority of learning is done through listening and speaking, this will significantly impact how much information is absorbed. Consequently, a student’s academic performance will be affected.

Ultimately, if you can’t hear the teacher, you aren’t going to learn.

Classroom Acoustics Impacts Behaviour

Bad acoustics in a room do more than just impact how much you can hear.

There are numerous knock on effects of this, as extra sound presents additional distraction for students and impacts their concentration and attention spans. This may cause them to act up in class.

Studies have demonstrated that bad acoustics can also increase anxiety and stress in students, which has its own effect on the learning process, as well as the students’ health.

Some Students Will Be More Affected Than Others

Not all students naturally thrive in a classroom environment, and for those that don’t, poor acoustics can put them at an even greater disadvantage.

The students who are more likely to be affected are those who have:

  • Hearing difficulties and impairments
  • Attention disorders
  • Learning difficulties or disabilities
  • Difficulty with the language, such as non-native speakers
  • Speech impairments

Bad classroom acoustics puts these kids in an environment where they either can’t hear, understand, concentrate or be heard. As a result, they will be at an even greater disadvantage than the others in the class.

What You Can Do About It

Improving a room's acoustics sounds like a complex task, but realistically it’s actually quite simple.

Introducing softer materials, plants and carpet into these spaces can help, but for an effective and efficient solution, you should look into acoustic products.

Autex Quietspace Panels wonderfully complement traditional wall pinboards and have become the modern architectural specification in school and university classrooms. These panels are light-weight, semi-rigid, impact-resistant and highly durable.

Available in 25mm or 50mm options and over 40 colour choices for fronting fabric, Quietspace Panels are the biggest broadband acoustic absorbers in the panel range absorbing between 85% and 100% over the sound spectrum.

At Acoustic Solutions, we offer a range of services, including acoustic appraisals and product recommendations, and have an impressive range of acoustic and decorative solutions.

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