Unleash productivity in your office

Is your office too noisy and echoey, making it hard to work and causing problems such as:

  • Poor communication
  • Client dissatisfaction
  • And endless team distractions

At Acoustics Solutions Store we are experts in transforming spaces.

We offer Acoustic Appraisals to assess your space and make an informed proposal for an acoustic solution to meet your space and budget.

Redeem a free acoustic appraisal (valued at $350).

Transform your space with tailored acoustics installed by experts.

Over 20 years experience

Solutions for any budget

Designed to compliment your branding


Boost productivity by eliminating noisy distractions

Autex preferred supplier ✔

When it comes to acoustics, no one makes a better product than Autex. Ranging from purely function to bespoke works of art, we can customise everything to suit your space and budget - including getting your logo laser cut or printed onto the acoustics themselves!

Book an appraisal to learn more.

Ready to silence the chaos?

Get started with a free acoustic appraisal valued at $350.

All it takes is an email, phone or video call to get started. We use acoustic modelling to specify the right materials to fix the poor acoustics in your space. This allows us to understand what you would like to achieve in your space, how it’s used, an idea of budget, and a brief chat around aesthetics.

Over working in a loud office? Let us take it from here.

We're nothing but passionate about ridding an office of excess noise and unnecessary distractions.

Our team has over 20 years experience in the Acoustics industry as Autex Brand Ambassadors and gurantee the products we specify are the most effective and highest quality available.

Get in touch and we will assist in finding a balance between budget, aesthetics and acoustic functionality to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your space.

The process is quick and simple - get started today.

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