The Reverberation Transformation For Procast Audio Studios

The Reverberation Transformation For Procast Audio Studios


At the end of 2020, Nomadtika and Autex teamed up to transform this echoey, unusable space into a high end recording studio, fit for the best of the best. In the video above, you can see the incredible difference that the Quietspace acoustic panels have made to the reverberation time, look and ambience of the studio.

The team worked out that 50mm Quietspace panels on the ceiling and 25mm panels on the walls would bring the reverberation time down from 1.45 seconds to recording studio standard of 0.3 seconds.

Why Quietspace Panels?

This highly absorbent product is able to soak up a high range of frequencies across the sound spectrum and the clap test featured in the video shows just how effective this was.

As well as its effectiveness as an acoustic solution, the Quietspace panel is light-weight, incredibly durable and has complete design flexibility, with the ability to provide custom colour printing and cutting.

It’s also an environmental option as it contains a minimum of 45% recycled polyester fibre, made from post-consumer waste!

Considering Procast Audio Suites host some very high profile clients including the All Blacks podcast, the Quietspace panel installed here not only eliminates the echo but also elevates the look and professionalism of the space.

To the team at Procast, we hope you’re enjoying your new and improved studio!

Does Your Space Have Bad Reverberation Time?

If you have a recording studio, restaurant, media room, office or any space with an echo, we can help!

Our range of Autex products are designed to suit any space or style, with custom design flexibility, and fix any acoustic problem.

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