Sunderland Community Lounge

Sunderland Community Lounge

This video shows the truly impressive impact that acoustic products can have on a space.

The Sunderland Community Lounge was built in the 1940s to be used as a theatre and as such, the reverberation time is a whopping 3 seconds. This made the space almost unusable.

As the building is heritage listed, the team had to be particularly careful about what changes they made to remediate the acoustic issues.

To get the reverberation time down to the national standard of between 0.7 and 1 seconds, the Nomadtika team installed Autex symphony panels on the walls and thick, white Quietspace panels on the ceiling.

This blended in nicely with the community lounge’s current aesthetic and was designed with mixed usage in mind. Most importantly, this also hugely decreased the reverberation time.

Watch the video to see how much of an outstanding difference these products made!

Have An Echoey Space?

The acoustics of a space have a surprisingly big impact on its useability, ambience and functionality.

If your room has a high reverberation time and excessively echoes, we have a myriad of acoustic solutions available that are guaranteed to fix your space’s issue.

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