The Potahi Marae Acoustic Makeover

The Potahi Marae Acoustic Makeover


The Potahi Marae Wharekai had major acoustic issues with an RT (Reverberation Time) 5 times the recommended range. With many cultural performances hosted here, using the space was extremely difficult for the people of Te Kao.

An Acoustic Appraisal detailed the use of 80 x 50mm Quietspace panels in the Main Space and 20 x panels in the Kitchen area. The Acoustic Solutions Store team transformed the acoustics and ambience of the space, taking the 6 second reverberation time down to 1 second.

Just listen to the difference in Damon’s speech intelligibility before and after the work was completed!

The Kapa haka group, as well as the rest of the community, can now get the most out of the space.

What a great result!

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The power of an Acoustic Appraisal is illustrated in this exceptional project.

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