How To Improve The Acoustics In Your Restaurant

How To Improve The Acoustics In Your Restaurant

Noise in a restaurant is inevitable. 

Between customers’ conversations, background music, clearing plates and making food, sound is always going to be created… but it shouldn’t be overpowering for your clientele. 

Good acoustics in your restaurant is key in maintaining that level of noise that makes room for good conversations and doesn’t kill the mood. 

If your clients are struggling to hear each other, it won’t be pleasant for them or your reviews. 

Regardless of ambience, service and cuisine, you may still be losing customers.

Here’s what you should be looking at to improve the acoustics in your restaurant:

Look At Your Furnishings

The type of furniture, fittings and decorative accessories have more of an effect on how sound is absorbed than you might think. 

Soft materials will work to make your space less echoey and you can introduce them with items like curtains and booths. Booths also add variation in height which is a great way to balance out the acoustics in your area. 

As well as being visually pleasing, indoor plants can also assist with acoustic improvement. 

A variety of potted plants or a living wall can be a great feature for your restaurant while also helping to absorb sound.

Soundproofing Materials

Acoustic Wall and Ceiling products are the sure way to improve the acoustics of your space. 

At Acoustic Solutions Store, we supply a range of acoustic products that help reduce the effects of noise to improve the ambience of your restaurant. 

These include: 

Not only are they practical and available in a variety of shapes/modules, but add a decorative feature to your space! 

The team at Acoustic Solutions Store have vast experience in treating restaurants and cafes to improve acoustics, including the following high end establishments:

Amano Restaurant, Auckland

Acoustic Appraisals

If you’re unsure of what exactly is the right decision for your space to improve your acoustics, get the professionals to have a look. 

An Acoustic Appraisal will assess your Reverberation Time and provide an informed proposal for an acoustic solution that suits your space and budget.

To book an appraisal, find out about our acoustic products or for more information, get in touch with the team at Acoustic Solutions Store today!

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