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Autex Cascade

Autex Cascade

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  • As the name suggests, Cascade™ Hanging Screens are spatial and acoustic partitions that fall elegantly from the ceiling to the floor—fixed or suspended at either end via the Cascade suspension kit. The Cascade family consists of three distinct screen styles—Static, Folding, and Expanding—each made from 100% polyester fibre with delicate water-cut patterns. Static screens are 1200 mm by 2400 mm, holding space without obstructing sightline in open-plan environments. Folding screens are the same dimensions, but their water-cut patterns fold out, increasing surface area for acoustic absorption. Expanding Screens start at 1200 mm by 2400 mm, growing 100% in size through a series of intricate cuts to form fine, lace-esque patterns. Lightweight yet sturdy, Cascade Hanging Screens are semi-permanent by nature; easy to install, uninstall, and move around your space as required.

    Features and Benefits

    • Get in touch and one of the team can assist in creating a cart with exactly what you're looking for
    • Lead time is three weeks from date of order/payment plus shipping (this can vary)
    • Use the Lookbook in the 'Resources' tab to pick your design
    • Cascades are supplied with Charcoal powder-coated aluminium channel
    • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
    • A complete system, easy to install straight out of the box
    • Easy to retrofit in existing spaces
    • Made in NZ
    • 1 screen per pack

    Cascade™ Hanging Screens in Action at James Group

    “Hey, I know it's a tall order but we want some removable acoustic partitioning for our Open Plan Office. Can it also be branded with our logo?”

    Our client James Group had leased a predominately concrete, super echoey commercial building and were looking to provide an element of privacy whilst trying to solve a major acoustic issue.

    To add further complexity the landlord also required demountable fixings for any acoustic solution.

    What sounds like an almost impossible brief was solved by specifying Autex Cascade Screens with the required brand logo water jet cut out of the screens.

    Corporate colour matching and brand recognition make this bespoke project a winner all round.

    Could Cascade screens be a solution for your open plan office environment? Contact us for our expert opinion.

      • Sabin: Screens 1.7 sabins per unit, Folding and Expanding Screens 2.25 sabins per unit
      • Composition: 100% polyester fibre (PET)
      • Size: 1200 mm x 2400 mm - Expanding Screens increase by 100% when fully expanded
      • Thickness: 12 mm
      • Product Placement: Wall, Screens
      • Form: Panel
      • Install method: Suspend, direct fix or combination
      • Application: Open Plan Offices, Meeting/VC Rooms, Hotel Lobbies and Foyers, Restaurant and Bars, Exhibition Spaces