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Autex Lattice

Autex Lattice

Colour Acros
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  • Delightfully abstract, yet calculated in form, Lattice™ is a range of hanging sculptures built from a grid of acoustic fins. With each intersection, Lattice covers a greater surface area than traditional parallel fin systems—effectively absorbing echo and reverberation in interior spaces. The Lattice range offers three standard designs, each suited to a variety of applications. Made from 100% polyester fibre, Lattice is lightweight and structurally sound—designed to hold shape throughout its lifetime.

    Features and Benefits
    • Get in touch and one of the team can assist in creating a cart with exactly what you're looking for
    • Lead time is three weeks from date of order/payment plus shipping (this can vary)
    • Assembly Instructions inside the pack
    • Comes with suspension kits
    • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
    • Covers a greater surface area than traditional parallel fin systems for optimum acoustic absorption
    • Made locally

    Lattice™ in Action

    "Our cool new space is really noisy and it's hard for the teachers and children to hear. What can we do?"

    Lighthouse Learning Centre Howick started its life as a church and was repurposed as a preschool.

    The new owners engaged the team at Acoustic Solutions Store to consult on the reverberation issues in the space. The feedback from the teachers was it was super noisy when the kids were inside.

    8 x Autex Acoustics Lattice Eclipse Baffles were installed and serve as an aesthetic and acoustic triumph, suspended high in the octagonal pyramid ceiling space.

    The teachers and children now enjoy superior acoustics in the space and have an excellent environment in which to play and learn.

      • Sabin: Varies by design, refer to the brochure
      • Composition: 100% polyester fibre (PET)
      • Size: Varies by design, refer to the brochure
      • Thickness: 12 mm
      • Product Placement: Ceiling
      • Form: Baffle
      • Install method: Suspended
      • Application: Open Plan Offices, Commercial/Office Space, Education, Hospitality, Theatres and Auditoriums