Do Acoustics Work? Acoustically Treating Our New Content Hub

Do Acoustics Work? Acoustically Treating Our New Content Hub

In this video, Damon Hiley from Acoustics Solutions Store introduces our brand new Content Hub. He demonstrates the significant reduction in echo achieved after conducting an acoustic appraisal and installation of suitable acoustic materials.

The Acoustic Solutions Store Content Hub is where we film our videos and Q&A sessions, so the sound quality needs to be spot on! 

Initially, the Content Hub had an echo, meaning it has a very long RT (reverberation time) affecting the ambience and speech intelligibility within the room.

That meant an acoustic solution was needed!

We developed and installed a tailored solution to suit the space using Autex acoustic materials. The installation included:

  • Cascade Hanging Screens with laser cut logo pattern
  • Friction fit 24 inch Cube to the glass wall
  • Raft direct fixed to the ceiling
  • Digitally printed peel n stick Cube to the walls

The result is a significant reduction in echo, creating the perfect space for filming.

As the video demonstrates, using an acoustic appraisal to determine the current Reverberation Time (RT) of a space is incredibly useful… 

Appraisals provide the science behind our acoustic proposals to ensure we offer the best solution to suit the acoustic requirements and budget of our customers. 

Does your space have an echo?

Acoustic issues, like echoes, can make a space uncomfortable. The good news is it’s not difficult to reduce echoes in interior environments (as you can see in the video). 

Get in touch with the Acoustic Solutions Store team to organise an acoustic appraisal on your space and help you reinvent your space so you can start enjoying it with better sound.

You can also check out our online store today!

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