How to Fix Acoustic Problems in your Brisbane Office

How to Fix Acoustic Problems in your Brisbane Office

Did you know that the acoustics of your office plays a big role in your team’s success? 

This is because having a quiet and comfortable workspace significantly impacts employee productivity, well-being, and overall satisfaction. 

An office with poor acoustics can lead to a range of issues, including:

  • Reduced Concentration: Excessive noise or poor sound quality can impair employees' ability to focus on their tasks, leading to decreased productivity.

  • Increased Stress Levels: Constant exposure to unwanted noise can elevate stress levels among employees, affecting their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

  • Communication Barriers: Inadequate acoustics can hinder effective communication, both in person and during virtual meetings, leading to misunderstandings and inefficiencies.

  • Increased absenteeism: Studies have found that poor acoustics can significantly increase employee absenteeism.  

  • Privacy Concerns: Lack of sound insulation can compromise the confidentiality of conversations, posing privacy risks for sensitive discussions.

Fortunately, there are a range of strategies you can employ to improve the acoustics of your Brisbane office. From carpeting to acoustic products, we’ll show you how to create an office that’s comfortable and welcoming for your staff. 

Identify Problem Areas 

The first step is to conduct a thorough assessment of your Brisbane office space to identify areas with poor acoustic performance. This involves monitoring noise levels, identifying sources of unwanted noise, and assessing the reverberation time in different areas. When you work with us at Acoustic Solutions Store, we will conduct an Acoustic Appraisal to help you with this step. 

Choose Softer Flooring

Next, you’ll want to consider the flooring in your Brisbane office. The flooring you chose makes a huge difference in the sound quality of a room. For example, whilst hardwood flooring may look great, it can be very noisy with the sounds of footsteps and chairs being scraped against it. Softer flooring options like carpet, cork, or vinyl, help to absorb sound and improve the room’s acoustics. Another option is to install an underlay to reduce noise under timber or tiled flooring. 

Install Acoustic Ceiling Products 

After you’ve considered your flooring options, then you’ll want to look up. The ceiling provides a great opportunity to improve your acoustics. At Acoustics Solutions Store, we supply and install a range of acoustic ceiling products from tiles to sculptured works of art. 

For your Brisbane office space, we recommend installing Autex Accent Ceiling Tiles or one of our ceiling baffle systems, such as Lattice, Horizon, Frontier, or Raft. These are available in a wide range of colours and styles, so you can find something that suits your office space.   

Install Acoustic Wall Coverings  

Moving on from the ceiling, the next aspect of your office to consider is the walls. Walls also offer an opportunity to install acoustic materials to absorb excess sound and improve acoustics. For your office, you can start with simple wall coverings like Autex Symphony or Composition. If you’re looking for a high-performing yet discreet solution, then we recommend Autex acoustic panels such as Quietspace or Cube

Divide up Your Space 

If your office has an open-plan layout, then this can be contributing to its poor acoustics. Open-plan spaces can be prone to echoes and long reverberation times. To help fix this, we recommend adding partitions to break up your space and allow for more focused quiet zones. For example, you can install:

  • Moveable walls
  • Partitions
  • Suspended acoustic dividers like Autex Cascade
  • Freestanding quiet rooms
  • Portable offices, booths and pods
  • Desk dividers like Autex Cove

Block External Noise

Another option to improve your office’s acoustics is to consider noise disruption that comes in from outside. Depending on the extent of external noise your office is experiencing, these following options can work to reduce outside sounds such as Brisbane city traffic or construction noise.

  • Noise-cancelling windows
  • Sound blocking inserts
  • Noise reduction shades
  • Soundproof blinds

Add Greenery for Noise Reduction

Plants are great at absorbing sound and create a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere to any space. So, invest in creating a little indoor forest to reduce noise, add beauty and increase productivity and focus.

Need help? 

Whether you’re in the midst of a Brisbane office makeover or unsure of how to improve your office acoustics, it can be well worth getting advice from a professional.

At Acoustic Solutions Store Australia, we offer Acoustic Appraisals to assess your space and make an informed proposal for an acoustic solution to meet your space and budget.

Our expert team can help you with Acoustic Appraisals, product recommendations and expert installation for all your acoustic needs.

Contact us today! 

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