Upgrading Our New Office in Australia

Upgrading Our New Office in Australia

Case Study

In this video, Damon from Acoustic Solutions Store demonstrates how we significantly reduced the echo in our new office space in Brisbane by installing acoustic materials.  

The Challenge:

Our brand-new office space in Brisbane was noisy and echoey. This made it difficult to have productive meetings and video conferencing calls. We also found it challenging to communicate effectively with our team. 

Initially, our boardroom had a very long reverberation time (RT), affecting the ambience and speech intelligibility in the room. What we needed was an acoustic solution. 


The Solution:

Our team conducted a quick Acoustic Appraisal to determine the current acoustic performance of our boardroom space and identify ways to improve. From this, we came up with a tailored solution. 

We installed a range of Autex products to absorb excess sound, reduce echoes, and improve the acoustics of our space. 

First, we installed 12mm grooved Autex Cube Timber Printed Panels on the walls, with a light-coloured timber print that reflects our office’s natural surroundings. Then, we installed 25mm Quietspace Ceiling Tiles in the boardroom. Finally, we installed suspended Autex Cascade Screens, custom-cut with our logo, to break up the space and reinforce our brand. 


The Results:

Once the installation was complete, the results were clear. The echo was gone! We had an 80% improvement in the RT of our office, as you can see in this video. 

Our space is now perfect for making video conferencing calls and having meetings. Plus, we created a fun break-out space for us to chill after work! 


Is your office space noisy? 

Acoustic issues like echoes can make your office unproductive, stressful, and uncomfortable to be in. However, the good news is that it’s not that hard to reduce echoes (as you can see in the video!). 

Talk to us to arrange an acoustic appraisal. We will assess your office’s current acoustic performance and recommend a tailored solution. 

At Acoustics Solutions Store, we bring industry-quality acoustic solutions to consumers. Through our cohesive design consultation and appraisal process, we can provide customised solutions to suit your space, budget and timeframe. 

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are your trusted partner for all your acoustic needs. Talk to us today!

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