Cascade Hanging Screens Explained

Cascade Hanging Screens Explained

In this video, Damon (Managing Director, Acoustics Solutions Store) talks to Ben Hutter (Product Development Coordinator at Autex) about Cascade Hanging Screens, the pain points they alleviate and why Cascade was brought to market. He also touches on some installation tips.

As more spaces became open plan, Cascade Hanging Screens were developed to be used to compartmentalise certain areas while helping with the overall acoustic absorption of the space. The demountable nature of the screens also provide flexibility for clients.

Installation is an important part of any acoustic solution and there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when installing Cascade…

Lasers are used for precision placement, measurements are double checked and centres must be right. Ensure correct hanging fixings for the various substrate mediums are used and for high traffic areas it’s sometimes crucial to fix the base of the screens to the floor.

The acoustics of a space have a surprisingly big impact on its usability, ambience and functionality.

Interested in Cascade Hanging Screens?

If your open plan space needs a stylish, forward- thinking solution which creates privacy and improves acoustics, contact the experts at Acoustic Solutions Store today! We can organise your custom material cut and sent to you, ready to be installed by a competent installer.

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