How to Identify Acoustical Problem Areas in Your Space

How to Identify Acoustical Problem Areas in Your Space

Whether you use your space for office work, hospitality or recording, acoustics can have a bigger impact on you and your work than you might think. 

If you think you have acoustic issues, it’s important to identify where things are going wrong in your space, so you can choose the right acoustic solution.  

Here is what you can do to pinpoint your acoustic problem… 

Listen to The Complaints

Ease of communication is important in any space and has a significant effect on concentration, employee performance and general enjoyment.  

If the people in your spaces complain about hearing things from outside, picking up on conversations from other colleagues or having a lack of privacy from people hearing them, you probably have an acoustic problem. 

Where Is The Noise Coming From?

Acoustical problems usually stem either from how sound travels into or within your space. You may have a building acoustic issue if you receive complaints regarding sound coming from:

  • Outside to inside
  • Through floors
  • Between adjacent rooms
  • Within a space

If the problem is in regards to how noise and sound travels within a room, this indicates a room acoustic problem. This can cause issues such as: 

  • Disturbances from colleagues’ at the other end of the room
  • People overhearing your conversations
  • Echoing within the space
  • Difficulty hearing each other, even in close proximity

 If any of these problems sound familiar, you’ll want to remedy them as soon as possible and to the highest standard… which is why you’ll want to use Acoustic Solutions Stores premium products.

Poor acoustics can be vastly improved and controlled by installing the right acoustic products and materials. Checkout this video for a clear explanation and example “Do Acoustics Work? Treating Our New Content Hub”

At Acoustic Solutions Store, we provide a wide range of acoustic products to suit any project.

From detailed Acoustic Appraisals through to product specification and colour advice, Acoustic Solutions Store has a wealth of experience ensuring the final proposal finds a balance between aesthetics, acoustics and price.

 If you are embarking on your own DIY project, Contact Us for more information about our products and services.

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