How to Stop Echoing in Your Office

    If you’re wanting to create a comfortable, productive, efficient office, then the acoustics of the space should be top of mind…


    Becauseresearch shows acoustic interruption and distractions are top of the ‘irritant list’ for workers and have a negative impact on employee productivity.

    The great thing is; there are plenty of ways to manage the sound issue at work and this article explores five of them.

    But before we dive into that, let’s look at some of the ways sound affects performance at work:

    • Poor acoustics lowers productivity:Noise is one of the biggest distractions affecting workplace productivity. Many offices are busy places, full of sounds from conversations, meetings, machines, music and outside noise. It can be overwhelming and a hard place to concentrate when the acoustics are poor.

    All this can create stress, anxiety and anger in employees and can cause mental fatigue which can reduce employees ability to perform, make judgements and maintain morale.

    If you want to increase the productivity of your office, the first thing you should do is look at improving your acoustics and here’s how to do it…

    1. Design With Sound Issues In Mind

    The best time to deal with sound issues in any space is to factor it into the design phase. Plans can be made that include recommendations for managing acoustics.

    But if that’s not an option, there are other ways to manage sound at work.

    2. Flooring

    Always look to the floor for acoustic problems.

    Hard surfaces create a lot of noise… we all know materials like tiles, concrete and timber can be loud. But there are ways of reducing the impact of noise from these materials, including:

    • Adding underlay material
    • Using rugs
    • Adding soft furnishings

    And of course, carpet is a good choice as it absorbs sound and balances acoustics.

    3. Acoustic Products

    There is a great range of purposefully designed materials and products to effectively reduce office noise and offer the perfect acoustic solution.

    These include:

    Autex Cube Peel n Stick 

    Not only do these acoustic panels work to create a better sound experience, they add to the interior design of your office.

    For a personalised option, theCustom Printed Cube is the way to go to customise your space. 

    You can choose artwork, a photograph or your logo andacoustic experts like the team at Acoustic Solutions Store will print the image onto the product, enhancing the acoustics and the appearance of your office. 

    Autex Custom Printed Cube at AGE in Takapuna

    Cascade Screens at James Group

    4. Sound Friendly Furnishings

    Consider the type of furniture and decorative finishes in your space as these can have a considerable effect on acoustics. For instance, timber tables and chairs on a concrete floor do little to absorb sound, and the poor acoustics won’t take long to kill productivity. 

    For open plan offices, dividers and partitions are a great way to break up the space and create some quiet and privacy. ConsiderWorkstation, a sound absorbing partition available in a range of sophisticated colours, or look toCove to divide your desks for a simple and stylish solution!

    Autex Cove Desk Dividers

    Autex Cascade 

    5. Get The Specialists In

    Whether you’re in the midst of an office makeover or simply unsure how to improve your office acoustics, getting an acoustic expert to have a look is a smart move…

    Professional acoustic companies like Acoustic Solutions Store offerAcoustic Appraisals that assess the Reverberation Time of your office and provide an informed proposal for an acoustic solution to suit your space and budget.Contact Ustoday.