My customers can’t have a conversation when we shut the doors. Can you help?

    Award winning restaurant Hello Beasty had a major issue. As the days shortened and Autumn brought colder weather so to an acoustic issue...

    Customers couldn’t hear each other with sound bouncing off all the reflective surfaces.

    Acoustic Solutions Store were engaged to ensure the winter months didn’t also result in a loss of loyal clientele.

    An acoustic appraisal identified the issues and a sensitive specification of Autex Raft complemented the new fit out aesthetic.

    Customers can now hear each other clearly all year round and the team at Hello Beasty can concentrate on delivering the contemporary fusion cuisine for which they are locally acclaimed.

    I have a similar issue, where can I get acoustic advice?

    If you think your space requires an acoustic solution, contact our dedicated team at Acoustic Solutions Store. We can help you choose the best solution for your space. 

    Our online store specialises in materials that improve the acoustic performance of internal spaces. Get in touch.