Peel n’ Stick Installation At The Animal Referral Centre

Peel n’ Stick Installation At The Animal Referral Centre

The Animal Referral Centre in Auckland’s north does amazing work for the community and we had the pleasure of installing some incredible custom acoustic panels for them.

They opted for the Peel n’ Stick Cube panel, which has been custom cut to a scale shape to keep with their animal theme and replicate an existing design theme.

The centre decided to use Autex certified installers to fit out their custom cut tile. As Damon explains in the video above, the Nomadtika team have worked closely with the Centre and have fitted out quite a few walls in the space with this stunning acoustic product.

This type of tile is specially designed to improve the acoustics of any space, something particularly important for any animal hospital. The hardwearing panel is a full colour panel which allows watercutting to any shape and design.

All the barks, chirps and meows will no longer be a disruption to the amazing staff at the Animal Referral Centre and they now have some wonderful feature walls to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

To the team at the Centre, we hope you enjoy your new acoustic products as we certainly enjoyed installing them for you!

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